Permits & Licenses

The licenses and permits a waste treatment facility holds, determines the types of wastes that can be accepted and treated at the facility. Broad licenses and permits are necessary to allow the facility to accept and treat a diverse range of wastes.
The NSSI facility is permitted and licensed to accept, treat, and store RCRA hazardous, mixed hazardous/ radioactive and radioactive waste materials.
NSSI operated as an interim status Waste Treatment and Storage facility from 1980 to 1990. NSSI subsequently submitted the required Part B application and received a final Part B permit in October, 1990. Permit modifications are requested on an ongoing basis as new treatment technologies are proven and commercialized and as additional facilities are needed.


EPA ID No. TXD982560294
TCEQ Hazardous Treatment and Storage HW50269
EPA Hazardous Waste
Treatment, Storage and Disposal
TCEQ Radioactive Waste
Treatment Storage and Disposal
TDSHS Radioactive Materials
Manufacturing & Services
US DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation 219092
TX DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation 000021508C
Houston Fire Department
Hazardous Storage and Use
Houston Fire Department Hazardous Storage 04069921-4166029-h4
Texas State Identification No. 38669
TCEQ Radioactive Waste Treatment Storage & Disposal R01811
MC # MC1246039