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NSSI operates a waste treatment, storage and disposal facility on approximately 5 acres in a light industrial area of Southeast Houston. The company receives wastes from a variety of offsite generators, treats the waste, and ships the residues to permitted offsite facilities for final disposition. The state of the art facilities are designed specifically for waste storage and treatment and include over 40,000 square feet of covered, high integrity epoxy coated concrete berm areas with an approved storage capacity of up to 4,000 drums. NSSI’s covered bulk stainless steel storage tanks allow storage and treatment in excess of 55,000 gallons of waste liquids. Treatment facilities include an acid/base neutralization tank, slow speed mechanical shear shredder, glass-lined Pfaulder reactors for oxidation/reduction reactions, a vacuum distillation unit, a dry waste compactor and a stabilization system. NSSI disposes of all solid and liquid effluents from the facility, with the exception of sanitary sewer wastes, as manifested wastes, to offsite permitted hazardous and non-hazardous, incineration and land disposal facilities.

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Since 1971, NSSI has been helping manage and treat hazardous waste, radioactive materials, and mixed waste for organizations of all sizes in all industries, government, and academia.


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