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Operation of Mercury Retort Unit.

Recovery of waste chemicals and other material for reuse or resale.

Blending of wastes to form a fuel for use off site.

Recycling of solvents.

Breaking down of lab packs for reconsolidation for off-site disposal or on-site processing.

Consolidation of waste containers into lab packs.

Neutralization, oxidation, reduction, and other chemical reactions or physical processing (e.g. distillation) to render wastes less hazardous or more suitable for off-site disposal or on-site processing in an authorized tank or container storage area.

Cleaning of cullet or particulate solids, empty drums, and equipment.

Centrifugation, filtration, and ion exchange in portable equipment in an authorized storage area.

Solidification or stabilization (including amalgamation) in portable equipment in an authorized container storage area.

Shredding of containers for recovery of contents.

Consolidation of miscellaneous compatible hazardous waste.

Chemical and or mechanical treatment to accomplish separation, settling removal of hazardous constituents by adsorption on solid media in portable equipment with an authorized containers storage area.

Drying of solids to meet off-site disposal criteria for release of water only.

Desorption of solvents from absorbents.