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NSSI accepts a full spectrum of Uranium and thorium compounds for treatment and disposal. Most Uranium and Thorium compounds are chemical forms which can be readily disposed at existing land disposal sites.

Uranium, and Thorium Nitrate and a few other compounds will be EPA waste coded D001 and /or D003 and must be properly treated to eliminate these codes before they are acceptable for land disposal. Land disposal sites may require that a generator or broker, who wishes to ship Uranium and Thorium compounds provide analytical data to demonstrate that the compounds do not carry EPA waste codes. NSSI provides chemical treatment, stabilization, and testing to satisfy the disposal site requirements.

Uranium and Thorium containing waste materials must be properly packaged, labeled, and transported on both a Texas Uniform Waste Manifest and a radioactive waste manifest signed by the generator.

Compounds with EPA waste codes must be accompanied by a Land Disposal Restriction form. Each generator must provide a current copy of their disposal site use permits to NSSI before NSSI will authorize shipment of the wastes to NSSI.

Charges for treatment and disposal are based on the gross weight of the Uranium or Thorium compound and its primary container.

NSSI also accepts and treats liquids containing dissolved Uranium and Thorium compounds and in solution with other chemicals.

In order to profile such wastes, the generator will be required to submit samples of the solutions to a qualified laboratory for a total TCLP metals and total Uranium analysis and to provide the analytical results with the waste profile submitted to NSSI. With these data, NSSI will be able to quote a firm treatment and disposal price.

is accepted and priced based on the chemical and physical constituents. Contact NSSI for assistance with profiling.