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The difficulty associated with the disposal of Nickel 63 and Tritium foils and the devices containing these foils has increased markedly due to limitations on the disposal of foils at land disposal sites.

Land disposal site acceptance criteria limits the millicurie content per volume or per mass for each radionuclide contained in the waste. In addition, land disposal sites charge a per millicurie surcharge for each millicurie contained in the waste.

The cost to dispose of used foils and devices containing foils often costs more than the cost of the replacement foil. Disposal of wastes at the land disposal sites requires that each generator obtain and pay for a site use permit.

For those generators whose waste is to be disposed at the Richland, WA or Barnwell, SC land disposal sites, NSSI can assist with obtaining the permits and providing the necessary insurance coverage.

Tritium foil generators may wish to consider using NSSI's new Tritium recovery process. This process allows the recovery of tritium contained in the foil for reuse. After removal of the Tritium, the minimally contaminated foil is disposed as NSSI generated solid radioactive waste.