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Prior to requesting a quote to treat and or dispose of hazardous, non-hazardous, radioactive or mixed waste materials, a waste generator must provide a profile describing the chemical and radioactive constituents of a waste stream. This information is best provided by completing a chemical waste and/or radioactive waste profile.

The completed profile, supporting analytical data, knowledge of the process, and/or MSDS information are forwarded to NSSI. Additional information may be requested to complete an evaluation of the waste. NSSI bases it's quotations and acceptance on the profiles submitted by the generator.

The following Manifest and Profile forms are available for you to fill out on-line and fax to NSSI
at (713) 641-6153.

The following Manifest and Profile forms are available to download in a .pdf file format by right clicking on the form name and clicking "Save Target As.." in Internet Explorer or "Save Link As.." in Netscape. You can also download Adobe Acrobat Reader, to view the forms in your browser, print and fax them to NSSI at (713) 641-6153. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is free. Click the image to download. If you need Acrobat Reader instructions, click here.